European Steel Day 2018

FG 170510 EUROFER 67Steel, Sustainability and Low-Carbon Innovation

European Steel Day 2018 will take place on Thursday, 7 June 2018 at the Concert Noble in Brussels. Doors open to the public at 14:15 with the conference starting at 14:45. The reception and walking dinner will be held starting from 17:45.

Steel, Sustainability and Low-Carbon Innovation is both theme of European Steel Day 2018 and the European steel industry’s central mission. Innovating the way towards the low-carbon transition will require new technologies and an emphasis on sustainability and investment.

In particular, the European Steel Day will investigate the various routes for carbon reduction, through both Smart Carbon Reduction and Carbon Direct Avoidance – including some of the challenges these approaches face. Additionally, the conference will debate how sustainability in the industry can be further improved within the circular economy.

Hosted by the European Steel Association (EUROFER), speakers will include key policy makers, top industry executives and vital stakeholder representatives.

A reception and walking dinner will be held in the evening after the conference.

You can find more information about the European Steel Day 2018, including a full programme and details about how to register on this website.